What is the voucher system?

Our unique voucher system allowed Members to buy, in advance, a set of four vouchers. One voucher may be exchanged for a ticket for any concert ( excluding the 2020/21 livestream series). The scheme has been popular and successful. Do please note that any unused vouchers do NOT expire; they will remain valid (providing you continue as Members) for concerts next season.

Why do we have a voucher system?

A voucher system lets us do two things. Firstly, it gives an additional benefit to Members, offering a substantial discount. By making Membership more attractive we hope to encourage more people to join. The scheme also offers greater convenience and security by reducing the amount of money handled at concerts.

How much do vouchers cost?

Vouchers must be bought as a strip of four; a strip costs £30, making a saving of 25% - so every fourth concert is effectively free.

How do I buy vouchers?

You can buy vouchers as soon as you’ve renewed your Membership. They must be bought in advance from the usual sources - at concerts, or you can send a cheque plus SSAE to Alan Parr (see below). Additionally, members may buy vouchers from Larry Walker when renewing their membership (address details are below).

Please note that vouchers are NOT be sold at the front desk; they should be bought in advance.

What's the difference between a voucher and a ticket?

A ticket grants you admission to a specific concert; a voucher has to be exchanged for a ticket to any concert of your choice. But only a ticket guarantees you a place if we have a large audience – so it’s important that you reserve a ticket exchange on the night by contacting Alan, or exchanging your voucher for a ticket at an earlier concert. As always, if you want to be part of a large or sell-out audience you’ll need to book in advance.

Who can use a voucher?

Vouchers are part of our wish to give Members the best possible value for their subscription, so they are for members only. Of course, we welcome Members bringing guests, but they will need to pay the normal visitor ticket cos - better still, encourage visitors to become Members themselves as they'll save money if they come to just two concerts!

What does a voucher look like?

A voucher is the same size as a ticket but is a different colour (light blue). There are spaces for your name and Membership number, and the date of the concert. You need to fill in this information before presenting the voucher, and you should also bring your Membership card.

How do I use a voucher? Do I need to book a ticket in advance?

If you know you're coming to the next concert then you can exchange a completed voucher for a ticket at a previous concert. Or you can ring or email Alan Parr (see below) and book a place, and hand over your completed voucher (and show your Membership card) when you arrive. We always hope as many people as possible book their places in advance at concerts or with Alan (phone, post, or email) – this lets us arrange the best seating plan, and make sure the bar is correctly stocked for the evening.

Which concerts can I use vouchers for?

Once you've bought a strip of vouchers you can use them for any concert.

What happens when I've used the whole strip? What if I have unused vouchers at the end of the season?

When a strip is used up you can buy another strip. Each Member can buy a maximum of three voucher strips (i.e a couple are entitled to buy six strips over the season). And if you have a partially used strip at the end of the season you can keep the unused vouchers and use them in the following season.

What happens if I turn up with a voucher without having booked a ticket?

If there are places available then your completed voucher will be converted to a ticket, however if it’s a sell-out then we won’t be able to admit you. It’s enormously helpful to both us and you if we know in advance that you plan to come.

What happens if I turn up without a voucher?

Vouchers must be bought in advance. If you don't have a voucher we'll ask you to buy a Member’s ticket for £10 in the usual way.

What if I prefer to buy my tickets in the old way?

After two years we find that almost every Member chooses to use vouchers; it’s a good idea to buy a strip of vouchers even if you only come to a handful of concerts in a season, but the scheme is 100% optional.

What do I do if I lose my vouchers?

We keep a full record of vouchers sold and used, so if you mislay your vouchers then just let us know and we’ll sort things out.

Is there a time limit for using my vouchers?

No - vouchers don't have an expiry date. If you have unused vouchers at the end of the season you can still use them the following season (as long as you maintain your Membership).

There’s something I'm still not sure of ….

If there’s anything we haven’t made clear then don’t hesitate to ring 01442 824173 (between 0900 and 1800 Monday to Friday, please) or email ( bjazztickets@gmail.com ) and we’ll try and clear things up. Or of course you can speak to any Committee Member at concerts.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one – the scheme makes Membership even better value for money. We’re a club for people to enjoy themselves, not a business to make money out of members.


Here’s a summary of what you need to do:

You can only buy vouchers if you’ve renewed your Membership, so the first thing you need to do is renew with Larry Walker as soon as possible. You can do this at any concert, or postally at the address given in your yellow programme and Membership documentation.

And we emphasise again that vouchers must be bought in advance and will not be sold at the admissions desk, so if you want to use a voucher for the first concert of a season it is essential that you’ve bought a strip before you attend your first concert of the season. You can do that – once you’ve renewed your Membership – at concerts in May or June or by sending a cheque and SSAE to Larry Walker or Alan Parr.

Don’t forget to fill in the details on the voucher (and check you’ve got your Membership card) before you leave home!)


Contact information:

Alan: 01442-824 173 (preferably on weekdays between 9.00a.m. and 6.00p.m.) Please note: calls from withheld numbers are likely to be blocked - so you should either unwithhold (dial 1470-01442-824173) or use the mobile number 07910-85-60-59. Email: bjazztickets@gmail.com Emails are usually answered promptly - if you haven't had a response within 72 hours do try again, because emails do sometimes get lost.

Larry: 82 Camberton Road, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 2UP