All concerts cost £10 for members and Dacorum Card holders and £13 for visitors and guests. (Children and students pay £5.) However, members may choose to use our voucher system, which means they need pay only £7.50 per concert. Full details are on the voucher page.

We do not charge any additional booking fees, reservation fees etc.

Tickets are usually available on the door, but of course it is safer to book in advance. There are several ways to book:

At concerts:

Tickets for all concerts will be available from Simon and Jo Blofeld.

By post:

Cheque, payable to “Berkhamsted Jazz”, and stamped self-addressed envelope to:

Berkhamsted Jazz, 6 Longfield Gardens, Tring, HP23 4DN.

By e-mail:

Tickets may be ordered by e-mail (please quote membership numbers) from

Please note: e-mails seem to go astray more often than letters, so please send a repeat request if you’ve not received a reply within 72 hours.

By telephone:

Tickets may be ordered (Monday – Friday 9.00am to 6.00pm please) from 01442-824173. (n.b.: calls from withheld numbers are likely to be blocked - so you should either unwithhold (dial 1470-01442-824173) or use the mobile number 07910-85-60-59. Alternatively, use the e-mail address above.

Tickets ordered by e-mail or telephone will be available on the door for collection and payment until ten minutes before the concert starts. Please note: we do not operate a card system, so all payments must be by cash or by cheque.