A message from the Committee

Your committee have been working out how and when we might be able to reinstate our concert programme.  We have tried to take into account government and scientific advice about the safety of activities; probable or possible alteration to the lockdown policy; guidance about age considerations (especially as most of our members are retired); the hazards for people who need to shield; and the particular circumstances of the Civic Centre.

It is difficult to see how a group such as ours could operate safely in the Civic Centre under the current circumstances and those likely in the near future.  The corridor is narrow and the toilets are cramped, and of course the bar area easily becomes congested.  Under any likely interpretation of social distancing the hall itself could only accommodate an audience so small any concert would incur a major loss.

Of course, personal safety is more serious still.  A very high proportion of members (and indeed committee members) are aged 70 or more and affected by conditions which make people even more vulnerable to Covid-19.  None of us could countenance bringing the virus to a concert, or taking it home to affect others.

Our view is that we will only get to a risk-free option to resume concerts at the Civic Centre once a tested vaccine has been made available to the general public in the UK, and we have all had our vaccinations.

So, our overall conclusion is that, with reluctance, we have no choice but to cancel the five concerts booked between September and December 2020.  

We plan to hold another committee meeting in November when we can assess what our plan should be for the rest of the 2020-21 season.

Please keep your membership cards; membership will be extended to July 2021 (or indeed, as long as necessary if concerts still haven’t resumed by then).  Similarly your vouchers will remain valid until such time as you choose to use them.

Of course, committee members will be delighted to hear your reactions.  Any of the usual addresses (e.g.  bjazztickets@gmail.com  ) or phone numbers can be used.

Our very best wishes to you all, and to all those who work behind the scenes to help us run Berkhamsted Jazz.  And our sympathies to all musicians and their families at this time.  Even at the best of times jazz musicians lead an uncertain life, travel long distances, and work antisocial hours on our behalf.

We don't know of any other club which will offer you the chance to hear the best bands in the country for just £7.50 a concert, but all members are welcome to take advantage of our voucher scheme.  This allows members to buy in advance a set of vouchers which will mean you'll only need to pay £7.50 per concert rather than the normal members' cost of £10.  Advance payment means we'll need to handle less money on concert nights and of course we hope we'll attract more members.  You can find full details on the Vouchers page, but do please note that it's an important part of the scheme that you must buy vouchers in advance.  Part of our thinking is to reduce money handled at the desk, so vouchers are not available on the door.

Vouchers are restricted to members, but it's very easy to become a member, and new members are always welcome.  Membership costs just £10 a season for an individual, or £15 for a couple.  

For the most up-to-date news you can follow us ( @berkhamstedjazz ) on Twitter .


Our belief is that jazz is for enjoyment and we wish to encourage listeners to all the different elements that jazz comprises. We are neither a ‘Traditional Jazz’ club, nor a ‘Modern Jazz’ club; we try to include as many facets of jazz as possible in our programme.

Please note that, as we book artists as much as 18 months ahead, the programme may (very occasionally) be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.  This website and our Twitter feed (@berkhamstedjazz ) will always have the latest information.


Berkhamsted Jazz is a member of the Berkhamsted Arts Trust.


The Yamaha piano used at our concerts is tuned and maintained by Juniper Pianos (est. 1948).  For all tuning, repairs, sales, and removals:

 Phone:  0800-458-4012  

 Email:  dan@juniperpianos.co.uk

 Website:  http://www.juniperpianos.co.uk