A message from the Committee

In common with other organisations we have decided there is no alternative to cancelling the remaining concerts of the season.  The majority of our members fall into the vulnerable category and it would clearly fly in the face of all official guidance to attempt to put on concerts while the coronavirus emergency continues.

Plans for the 2020 - 2021 season, due to begin in September, are well under way.

Members should hold on to their vouchers, as these will continue to be valid next season.

We appreciate that members have only received two-thirds of the concerts members expected; if you have any comments they can be sent to the   bjazztickets@gmail.com  address.

Our very best wishes to you all, and to all those who work behind the scenes to help us run Berkhamsted Jazz.  And our sympathies to all musicians and their families at this time.  Even at the best of times jazz musicians lead an uncertain life, travel long distances, and work antisocial hours on our behalf.
We have had several really strong concerts so far this season.  Those who attended all thought the quality of the musicianship was outstanding.  The bad news is that they were not as well attended as they needed to be to ensure a successful future for the Society.

At our AGM on November 13th we had an in-depth conversation about the future, particularly about numbers attending concerts.  The long term future is more than a bit worrying.  

Over the last four seasons, attendances have dropped by 23%, which means during last season we had 350 fewer people attending our concerts than in the 2015/16 season.   

This equates to a revenue loss of £3300, which includes the impact of most of our members using the voucher scheme.  As our attendances contain roughly 75% members, the reduction in the number of members attending is the major factor.  Last season an average of only 70 members attended each concert.    

Our membership has also fallen over that time period from around 300 to 165.   Accordingly, our revenue from subscriptions has also fallen.

We introduced the voucher scheme two years ago in order to provide lower prices and better value to our members, and we estimated that this would come at a price tag of around £1500.   The actual cost per year has been £1700, so our estimate was a reasonable one.  

We also hoped that the voucher scheme would encourage people to join as members and thereby increase the attendances.  Clearly this does not appear to be working, probably for a variety of reasons.  However, we do wish to continue with the voucher scheme, rather than decide we can no longer afford it.  The way out of this impasse is for more members to attend more of our concerts, and perhaps bring along a friend or two.  If we could get just ten more people attending each concert, this problem would be completely overcome.
Car parking   Members won't need reminding it can be difficult to park in Berkhamsted on a Saturday evening, and now the Dacorum car park in Lower Kings Road has been closed the problem has become worse.  We're delighted to say that Waitrose will allow the use of their car park on concert evenings, subject only to the limitation that you don't arrive before 7pm.

The Waitrose car park has ample capacity; you can enter either from Lower Kings Road or St John's Well Lane (adjacent to the recently closed Porters Restaurant).
We are - for more than 35 years - firmly established as one of the premier jazz venues in the South East of England, attracting the finest musicians.

We are always pleased to receive visitors - but we're always happier still to welcome new members.  You really are much better off joining than coming as an occasional visitor - members only have to come to two concerts in a season to be saving money.

Concessions are available for children, students, and Dacorum Card holders.

By the way, we never charge any supplementary fees for booking or handling.  


We don't know of any other club which will offer you the chance to hear the best bands in the country for just £7.50 a concert, but all members are welcome to take advantage of our voucher scheme.  This allows members to buy in advance a set of vouchers which will mean you'll only need to pay £7.50 per concert rather than the normal members' cost of £10.  Advance payment means we'll need to handle less money on concert nights and of course we hope we'll attract more members.  You can find full details on the Vouchers page, but do please note that it's an important part of the scheme that you must buy vouchers in advance.  Part of our thinking is to reduce money handled at the desk, so vouchers are not available on the door.

Vouchers are restricted to members, but it's very easy to become a member, and new members are always welcome.  Membership costs just £10 a season for an individual, or £15 for a couple.  

For the most up-to-date news you can follow us ( @berkhamstedjazz ) on Twitter .


Our belief is that jazz is for enjoyment and we wish to encourage listeners to all the different elements that jazz comprises. We are neither a ‘Traditional Jazz’ club, nor a ‘Modern Jazz’ club; we try to include as many facets of jazz as possible in our programme.

Please note that, as we book artists as much as 18 months ahead, the programme may (very occasionally) be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.  This website and our Twitter feed (@berkhamstedjazz ) will always have the latest information.


Berkhamsted Jazz is a member of the Berkhamsted Arts Trust.


The Yamaha piano used at our concerts is tuned and maintained by Juniper Pianos (est. 1948).  For all tuning, repairs, sales, and removals:

 Phone:  0800-458-4012  

 Email:  dan@juniperpianos.co.uk

 Website:  http://www.juniperpianos.co.uk